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We are on a mission to help kids in Africa get access to their own computer


In 2015, I was in Lagos, Nigeria collecting data for my PhD research. I stayed with an uncle, his wife and 2 children - Ohifeme and Alice. I noticed they had a desktop computer that was not in use meaning the kids had no access to a computer. I was'nt very happy about this considering my much younger cousins back in England all have access to their own computer and could navigate the internet like pros. I took the computer out for repairs and quickly discovered that it's better to get a new one. Unfortunately, I had just finished my data collection meaning, I did not have enough money on me to purchase a used computer in good quality. I was hurt! I savaged what I could from the old computer, bought some educational software and games and gave to them. That experience never left me. 

I have been casually building websites since 2012 for leisure. On one occasion, a small organisation approached me to fix their website to allow them easily operate it. I took up the challenge and logged into the backend and was shocked at what I saw. Considering this was a website created by a much bigger agency, It was disappointing to see how it was badly put together. I had to rebuild the website from scratch and make it easy for just any one to run it.  Once I heard how much was initially spent on this website, I remembered my cousins Ohi and ALice. If I can help small businesses build great websites, I will have some money to buy them a new computer. 

And Peesville Media was born. I bought a computer for Ohi and Alice with funds from my first client but I wasn't satisfied. I thought of the so many other kids like Ohi and Alice who do not have access to a computer. Computers are still considered luxury items in most parts and schools are not well equipped. I committed to  the 1 -for-1 model and so for every project we close, we help fund a computer for an African child. 

Patrick Giwa


The Vision


For every project we complete, we help fund a computer for a child in Africa. A child with a computer today can become the Bill Gate of Microsoft in 15 years time. 

We aim to fund 50 children to own their own computers by 2018. 

E-Learning Center

Having a computer is just a starting point. Internet is needed, power, and software education are all needed to maximise the power of the computer.  

This is why we have a grand vision of building E-Learning centres in communities across Africa. Our E-Learning centre will be equipped with computers, internet, software and books to educate and inspire the children to achieve great things with the computers in front of them.